Orality-Related Resources

You can search or browse by subject for resources. Many can be downloaded on this site. External links take you to other websites to watch, listen, read, or download resources.
Scripture-based resources for educational purposes. These resources cover foundational, devotional, and educational topics for the purpose of providing material specific to the needs of various people groups. Found in this folder are Words of Life, resources for ethnic groups, Storying T4T, and StoryTogether. 
Here you will find stories shared by people around the globe. With rich detail and a unique perspectives in the way we learn, come see the resources available from the Storyers, themselves.
These resources provide educational material for people wishing to learn more about orality, the oral cultures, and all aspects of our working with them. These resources are good for everyone from groups, to scholars and individuals.
These resources provide case studies from oral cultures, field-workers, and researchers expressing various aspects of cultural research on individual and group levels.
This folder contains resources for training new and seasoned field-workers, churches, and individual scholars. These accessible training materials are useful for sessions, break-outs, or individual study, with limitless possibilities.
Here you will find related links and webpages to dive deeper into the topic of orality. All of these links are for gaining a deeper understanding of oral cultures, and all related information.
Research is at the heart of education, here you will find data and research related resources across orality related topics.
Here you will find articles on the latest trends in technology used in oral cultures. From audio players and beyond, these resources will give you the latest information, tools, and guides on orality-related technologies.