Scripture Resources

Scripture-based resources for educational purposes. These resources cover foundational, devotional, and educational topics for the purpose of providing material specific to the needs of various people groups.
Audio Bible stories for oral cultures, from the creation of the world, to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These audio Bible stories will bring life and hope to cultures who learn through listening.
These collections of Bible stories introduce people who were raised in Muslim homes to what the Bible says about God and how to have peace with God. They explain who Jesus was and is and how his followers can know for certain that they will go to heaven when they die. These resources cover Bible storying, with story sets in English and French, and guides for how to do storying.
A StoryTogether project is a coordinated series of actions to develop accurate and appealing Bible stories that are crafted by mother tongue speakers and used by them and others to present the gospel, equip disciples of Jesus, and form healthy, reproducing churches.
Storying T4T equips believers to share their faith effectively, disciple others, and train others to do the same. It is an intentional church-planting strategy founded on stories from God’s Word. It makes his Word available to all people in a way they can understand, respond to and reproduce.