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Here you will find stories shared by people around the globe. With rich detail and a unique perspectives in the way we learn, come see the resources available from the Storyers, themselves. You can search or browse by subject for resources, many can be downloaded on this site. 

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I Like to Learn, But Not to Read - Traditional oral cultures transmit their identity, beliefs, and values primarily through spoken and sung means. They teach via modeling and apprenticeships, and learn by doing, not by sitting quietly and taking notes.
Learning the Bible and Learning about the Bible - 40 Deaf believers to gather into a small apartment in Romania on a Sunday afternoon after already having "been to church" to experience learning scripture, instead of learning about scripture.

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Training Parents to Spread Gospel Story in Big Easy - To better disciple parents so they could disciple their children – Farris' original goal – he turned to Bible storying as a way to disciple those he met.