Websites & Applications

Here you will find related links and webpages to dive deeper into the topic of orality. All of these links are for gaining a deeper understanding of oral cultures, and all related information. You can search or browse by subject for resources, many can be downloaded on this site. 

Links & Downloads

MegaVoice (Solar Audio Bibles) - MegaVoice makes programable solar-powered audio players to help people who are unable to read the Bible for themselves.
Mobile Ministry Forum - The Mobile Ministry Forum is a network of missional innovators fostering a mobile ministry movement so that every unreached person will have a chance to encounter, experience and grow in Christ through mobile device.
Open the Book (Multi-Year Childrens' Curriculum of Bible Stories) - Open the Book is a curriculum to introduce Bible stories in chronological order for school settings.
Oral Tradition (Journal) (website) - This is "a forum for discussion of the world's oral traditions and related forms, from the ancient world to the present day. [It] is freely available to all interested scholars, students, performers, and general reader."
Orality Journal - From the International Orality Network, is published online semi-annually and aims to provide a platform for scholarly discourse on the issues of orality, innovations in orality, and praxis of effectiveness over multiple social domains. - is a Bible correspondence course written in Central Asia Russian and translated in to Kyrgyz and Uzbek.
Scripture Earth (Providing access to Scripture in the Heart Language) - This Wycliffe website provides information on Scripture availability for indigenous languages of the Americas. - is an evangelistic website in Azeri. It has links to radio broadcasts and YouTube videos that present biblical content in Azeri.
The Oral Bible School - This is a chronological Bible storying set focusing on folk Buddhist-animists. It includes several sections dealing with hope, evangelism, forming groups that pray, and leadership development.